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Welcome friend! Welcome to my little corner, here you'll find my tips, secrets and podcast episodes about mental health, digital wellness, and intentional posting. 

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Be a force for good on social media and limit the spread of misinformation!

Posting on social media in sensitive times


Death to the doom scroll! Here are a few ways to post more thoughtfully on social media. 

How to post more intentionally this week


Sometimes we're booked and busy and sometimes things are quieter - read more below.

Not all phases are the same


Top picks!

Do you ever feel like some weeks you're booked and busy whereas other weeks you are so overcome with personal responsibilities that work takes a back seat?

Not all phases of life are the same

Before you go reaching for the delete button on Instagram, check out our recommendations on helping you make peace with the app we love to hate.

4 ways to post more intentionally

If posting on social media feels safe and authentic for you, I encourage you to do so (just make sure you're sharing verified sources and always lift up the voices of those closest to the issue at hand). 

How to post on social media in sensitive times